Monday, 13 August 2012

0 Boston@ Yau Yat Seng , Capital Karamunsing: Best Chicken Curry Noodle

Last weekend , i had a shopping spree with Steven, if you must know or in case you are wondering, he is my husband. When the stomach sang its anthem, we kinda heading to the nearest the restaurant where the car was parked, Boston with its concept restaurant, Yau Yat Seng at Capital Karamunsing.

I am not going to list down the whole list of the menu that you should try here, okay. Just want to share the experience of best curry noodle in town, though i am not sure if it is its must-taste-it food there.

Inside the restaurant. This is a halal restaurant, it does not serve pork and not even use lard . 

See the menu book? There are so many choices from Malaysian's cuisine until Western's. Very thick menu book by the way.

They have thickest menu ready on the table and Steven sets his eyes on its chicken curry mee while me chose the house noodle soup. It has been his favorite menu in every restaurant we went but, i never seen him slurping like so! So, i joined in the fun. Its curry soup is the thickest, creamiest curry i ever taste! No kidding here. It is like having an euphoria slurping through the hot and very lightly spiced taste. One large drumstick and dry fried tofu put together inside the large bowl , complete the whole taste of an ideal curry noodle.

Along the noodle slurping sessions, we can't stop mumbling, "this is the best, this is best.....mmm.. this is the best." 

Enough with the delicious part, one has to quench the post-curry thirst  with something cold in which Steven ordered the cincau +cendol susu. Not the best 'cincau susu' we 'd ever tasted by the way. Lack of something, the picture tell its story, there. You can tell that it is not sweetened enough. On the other hand, i was content  with my simply milk tea. Kaw kaw punya oh!

If one is fancy with fine dining,  this is definitely the place you would wanna come back again for more despite its mediumly pricey food. However, the satisfaction you got simply worth the bills.

Have you been here yet? If you are not, why not stop by, place your order and enjoy the food?


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