Thursday, 19 July 2012

0 Thank God It's Friday

Yeah, finally weekend is here. I am going back to my hometown just after i finished my class. 

I am about to cook my lunch before going to school. And what 's in my mind for my upcoming entry? Weaning schedules for mommies! How to wean baby from breastfeeding. I had been through the hard times before going back to work. Though breastfeeding could still be done when you are back to work but not all moms have enough supply to continue breastfeeding. Finding the right formula milk for your cutie is no easy task either. Been to the mall counter to change for other formula brand. This needs a lot of patience since babies also will be going hard times to adjust herself. Lots of screaming and tantrums.  I am just excited to be mommy (which i have been for only 10 months now) but, being a mommy is no easy breezy task, no kidding.
Unrelated photos for the entry. Never mind, let my face be the decoration of this entry. I really like the grey lenses that i had newly bought online from Dee Unique House.

This is like a sneak peek to the upcoming entry. Why in the hell i go through typing this entry? If i were to do in a draft, thing is if suddenly i got writer's block, i'll simply delete the draft post. Not cool. If i post this entry, it'll force me to complete the entry anyway. Haha! 
Weekend is here. No formal clothes. Hair let loose. Free your mind. Chill. Cheers. I haven't started yet,  because i still have to work my throat off for one class late in the evening today.
My focus of weekend, Christian Wylie.

Have  a great weekend, everybody. New young mommies, stay tune for my upcoming mommies' entry.


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