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0 Those Were Mommy Son's Hard Time Together

My husband , Steven has been telling me couple or three times that i post entry on weaning baby from breastfeeding. But, it come to me like i had no idea on how to type them on.  i guess i had not known how to start the entry until tonight. It feels pretty okay by the way, at least if i forgot how to wean my next baby, i would simply browse to this entry. Maybe, in few years ahead.

Okay, here we go.  Mommas story. It has been long time i guess i did not do mommahood entry. Not that i am any expert in this or better mom than others but, i am simply sharing my experiences and I believe every mother knows what best for their babies.

I am telling you though my son is happy and healthy now with his formula, sometimes i still feel sorry of not being able to fully breastfed him. But mom always said to me that if i don't wean him at that time, it will be hard for him if i had to go to work far from home. It is actually not impossible by the way, but my situation wouldn't allow me to nurse him longer. Mom might not understand by that time how badly i want to bond with my son, but she has a point there.
My son was fully breastfed until he was only  exactly 4 months old and before he reached that, i gradually trained him to wean with bottle. Both of us having hard time during the training. I seriously thought that my son would've hate me for that. 

But, nope. He doesn't. He still wants to be hold and kissed and be pretend-belly-eaten by me after missing in his eyes for four nights in  a week. I really, really, thank God i have such lovely and beautiful son. I mean, he knows i am his mom! This fact enough to make me the happiest mom in the world. 

The training was not done in two to three days only but a month! But it was not necessarily done in every feeding session during the day but the important thing is your baby did experience the weaning with bottle. They might forget it once they get to nurse from the mother,  but if everyday given in specific  time of the day daily constantly, they will know when they will have to wean with bottle and mother can increase numbers of weaning  a day from once to twice in two weeks, then thrice a day for the third week and gradually increase them more until they fully weaned   during the days.

But, only until I really left for work do i still breastfed him at night. Every two hours until he was 3 months  old he could sleep on until three hours and in particular good night he could sleep through until four hours. Of course , when i left for work my son went very ballistic and throwing tantrums at night crying to be nursed. Poor him and mom was the one to soothe him and wean him. I could never because i always give in to my son's demand. How could i not? And when i get back home during the first weekend after i get back to work, he still show interest to be nursed but, sometimes he cried too because he was confused with being nursed and weaned.

But the second weekend i had to hardened my heart not to nurse him anymore to avoid him from being confused anymore. It was just so hard seeing him crying either weaned or nursed like that. Fortunately, he adjusted well. But weaning story does not just stopped there, i had to be clear here. During the training i weaned him with breast milk and continued to do so but, after some time my breast milk ran low and that's when I had to find the right formula milk for him. The hunt begin with reading online the best formula one could have and other mothers' experiences. 
First attempt introducing formula. It is well formulated but my baby's digestion did not tolerate with these. Had to give it up on this one.

Mine, I started with formula that my niece took when she was babysitted by my mom years ago. Enfalac. Wow, my baby couldn't stop pooping every two hours and then. I read again and spent almost an hour in the baby formula department to choose the right one for my son.

But of course, before hopping into stores,  I read online from all the nutrients that a good formula must have and their benefits. Then , it is easier for me to surf every formula out there. I was searching for formula with benefits  is almost similar or better enough if it could supply what breastmilk would supply and best supplies, the antibody.  Then i found one, Nestle NAN 1 Pro which has the probiotics that functions to fight diseases and allergens. In my opinions, doesn't matter what brand of formula are you giving, i am sure that every mother knows what best for her baby. The formulas will not be sold after all if it does harms infants. 

We should understand that every baby is different and their body's degree of tolerance to certain chemicals are different therefore, there might be formulas that is not quite good for your infants' health but is doing great to other infants. We'll never know. All a momma needs to do, is be patient and do your homework! Read and do your research.

Finally, the bottle itself. It might have the baby dislike the bottle but is okay with the milk. Since the training begin , i had been searching for bottle that is almost similar to the mother's nipple. Tommy Tippee, Fiffy nipple range, and finally I found the amazing Breastflow The First Years. My son had been wean with it until now and has never given him wind stomach and heartburn.
My baby loves these bottle. I discover it from my former colleague, Nikita.  It is suitable for baby who breastfeeding. It is said that babies do easily switched from breast to bottle when using this very bottle. The milk flow also really of the resemblance with breastflow. It does what it says in its name. Nipples are very soft and the milk will only go out if sucked or squeezed. 

No matter what, and no matter if I already stop nursing my son long ago, I am still holding the belief that breast milk is still the best for infants and should be continued until infant is two years old. But, those momma that unable to nurse their baby, feel no guilty. As long as your  baby is healthy and happy, you should not worry.

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