Thursday, 5 July 2012

2 Pictures of Love, Perhaps

Did you read the this very title post? Of course. Pictures of love.Perhaps? 

Just last week i was so in a mess and got out from it, i ended up uploading some of my wedding's photos. Today,i survived for giving talks and workshops to the great teachers of this town's area for Creativity in  Maths. Nobody has any idea , even God that i was so freakingly nervous about this and i probably talked just out of shit today. But, I was relieved that today's slots went smoother than expected. Therefore, it brings me to this post. My pre-wedding photos. Though actually i have two drafts waiting to be published but, i chose this for this is so easy to be posted. Enjoy!
Haha..this photo just spells, "We are married.  Smile."

My man. He may looked better without his hair but, he looks
better now. Well, the point is, he is the only one
in this world who understand me the most, has the amazing capability
of standing over my worst. Therefore, he deserves me at my best too.

It spells like the first photo only that we switched
place here.And oh, the outfits as well.

By Tanjung Aru Beach, waiting for the sun comes down.

Kissing by the sunset. 

Hand in hand, walk together through anything

Ahh, i have this photos everywhere in the family's house. Masterpiece.
Just me, you might think that i was smiling at my husband or the photog or his flashman, I merely smiling at the wind. Empty. All i think about is to pull the one last best shot. And hoping that i won't tripped between the rocks there with my super tricky-to-walk-on stilletos.

That's it! There were more photos but it can take years to upload them on a single post. Credits to the talented photographer , Benny Liew from Kota Kinabalu. 


  1. wow beautiful pics


Thank you for all your response. I really appreciate them. Have a nice day ahead!


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