Tuesday, 15 May 2012

0 Thank you, Teacher!

For almost 3 years after i had graduated...third year of service as teacher in two different schools, only this year i manage to reflect this appreciation and celebration to teachers around the Malaysia all the deeds, cares, sacrifices and the patience of all my teachers from kindergarten until university. Since my first year of service had me going really busy and thank God i can really breath this morning to reflect on today'S celebrations.This reflections had really struck me since last Monday when my car was stopped by the police block around my residence in Kota Belud. The police said,

"Good morning, teacher. I can tell you are a teacher by looking at how you dress yourself, and you have name tag on you! You know what, despite i have such high respect to teachers, i still need to see your driving license. But, i really do respect teachers. If it's because of teachers, i don' t think i'll be wearing this uniform right now. Only God knows what kind of person i turned to be if it's not because of teachers......"

 I don't really count how many times he emphasizes on teacher's reasons, but i really feel significant by his words!! I had never been his teachers obviously, nor any of my relatives ever be(as far as i concern) but i know what i 'm working as makes different in many lives! My students may hate me, curse me, laugh at me now but someday in their lives will realize the wisdom behind my acts and words in classes. So, to my friends who works their asses hard and back home with teary eyes, keep going, you are SIGNIFICANT! My teachers and lecturers too are significant and without them, i'll know nothing what to say to my students! Maybe sharing some crappy movies and streaming Gossip Girl series in the Audio Visual Hall. But, i do not. I try my best to be as good as they were those days and maybe better. My teachers are my inspirations as a teacher.

 So i dedicate this special thanks to my kindergaten teacher, cikgu Saidah who had took really good cares of me and help me overcome my stranger axiety. Taught me to master mathematics and reading. To my primary school teachers of Sk Pekan 1Ranau. They are so many inspring teachers there. . I really remember cikgu Jainuddin, cikgu Tassip,cikgu Norhayati, and cikgu Jenifer. They were my Bahasa, dances, maths and English teachers back in primary. I was quite naughty, rebellious in my teenhood despite i was the top academic performer in my secondary school. so, i really have high special respects to teachers who always believe in me, cikgu Zafli, cikgu Litin, cikgu Juilis, cikgu Maizatul, cikgu Rubiah, cikgu Maniseh and cikgu Raimah. Thank you for you cares and patience towards me. I am no easy handled students i were but i made this far because of them. My lecturers of UMS from Schools of Education and Developments, Schools of Science and Technology, my Francais proffeseur, i give thanks to them for sharings on their treasures and wisdoms that i needed.

I owe a lot to my teachers. I should be as good as they are as a teacher. As a students, i should make them ever proud of me. Thank you, teachers.


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