Wednesday, 9 May 2012

0 Appetizer By The Bloody Woman

You know you just taste a pig shit when someone you met for the first time greet you with an insanely vulgar (to any woman) jokes. it is not just any jokes, because this was threwn by a stranger! I actually met a teacher when I attended this training course on School Based Assessment in SK Pekan II Kota Marudu this week when  one afternoon when we were queueing for lunch,  one woman with a generous smile teacher greeted me gracefully. The dialogue went like this,

Stranger: hey, your husband works at AFI Bongkol,  rite?

Me: kinda, but he actually works for Hijauan Bengkoka.

Stranger: yeah. His name is, S***** rite? (voice down) You know what, you should be awared. I really wanna date him. But, do you think he will like an aging woman like me?

Me: (gulp!) hehe....(awkwardly)

What a pig shit appetizer i just had that afternoon. Huh, never ever i met someone for the first time and threw me that kinda greetings. This is a woman, a teacher, and her manner was worse than an uneducated  damsel in distress. At that time, i was wondering if she is married or a desperate divorcee or a desperate cheap single woman. How could she said that to me. Of all the dirty jokes in the world why is this woman chose this? Does my forehead says 'don't try to steal my husband because imma gonna laugh' or does it says 'toilet here, please shit on me'?

I swallowed my lunch anyway because i was so starving that the lunch was served late. I drove myself home calmly and took my nap soon after i reached home. Once my husband arrived home i told him about it and asked if he knows any teacher from the secondary school near his workplace. He told me he knows no one but he might remembered some familiar faces. Of course, because i didn't asked her name and i really don't  give any shit to describe how she looked like. But, as i told him this,  i broke to tears. I felt so violated with the jokes. I tried to think that maybe she talked out of her rationale minds but, it seems that i can't shake myself out of this bad,  bad pig shit feeling. I still see her today,  which is our last day of our training course, i don't smile or even looked at her. I avoid any eye contact.  I can feel that i rolled my eyes everytime my eyes directed to her. Uh, i am still in resentment. Should i feel sorry for her? She is all this friendly but what can i say? She should feel sorry for that bad jokes she threw at me.

Anyway....i still hope that i will recover from this resentment. I know that i will not see her on regular basis but, i can't continue having this feeling inside. I wanna shake it off not for that bloody bitch but for my feel-good everyday feel. Duhh! Shake, shake, shake.

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