Sunday, 18 August 2013

0 Great thing comes in tiny packaging: Holiday in photos

This is the holiday that probably all Malaysian's teachers looking forward to after two months of school. Erkk... oh, I am alone in this. Okay. Those two months before the holiday were filled with new academic assessment systems, bad internet, gossips and tragedies, and of course few unfinished business were finalized too.

So, the final week before school break I felt like I almost couldn't dress myself to school and even wear outfits that I would wear to clubs at night. Ha ha ha-.... waking up to work was dreadful at that time. By the way, though I was still ever an enthusiast when I am in front of my students. This is what I do for life . Now.

Not that I have planned too many for the holiday,but I do have things that I would love to do. Stuff that I was too lazy to do when I was juggling time between work and family. Nevertheless, my holiday is prioritize for spending quality time with family.
At the Tanjung Aru Beach. This is the first time Christian went to see the sea as close as he can.

Poring Hot Spring can be the ultimate fun swimming in Ranau but, during Hari Raya, it was jammed pack. Locals probably were only us and few other families, the rest were tourists and immigrants. I took this photo is despair, sit down on the bench outside the changing room, cursing with Steven and mom then out from the park heading to Kundasang again.

These tourists were fascinated by the praying mantis. I don't understand their enthusiasm with insects, but they were all taking pictures of it. With all their phones might, macros and whatever. Probably end up in the Instagram or Facebook right away.

This picture proves it. They were in awe with the little praying mantis.

OMG, seriously? Steven too? Ha ha ha ha..

Okay, smile. This is such a dull yet memorable family portrait.

I don't remember what is he saying, but dad sure was all entertained by this little man.

My bundle of joy. Enough said.

Ain't dad enjoying some peaceful time here?

During our way out  from a souvenir shop in the Memorial Park, they got this beetles hanging right on. They were alive. Careful if you are insect-phobic person. He he he. But, nice job it is a tiny beetle but, like the praying mantis just now, they got everyone's attention. especially those who are crazy with the macro functions on their camera phones.  

As to wrap up this rather pictorial entry, I came up with a list of places I want to go before I turn 30. I allowed myself for some room of time span extension by the way, in case I could not go to everywhere on time.
1. Borobudur temple in Jogjakarta
2. Great Wall of China, Beijing
3. Opera House , Sydney Australia 
4. Rome
5. All over Paris
6.Taj Mahal India
7.  Halong Bay, Vietnam


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