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0 Beautiful Kuching

As promised I am back for entry on family vacation in Kuching. Well, if you're gonna ask how was it, to be frank, it was downright noisy. Ha ha ha...traveling with an infant who had just found his newfound ability can be daunting. My son wanted to be left alone when everyone's walking and would drop almost anything on the dining table. But , just after he went to bed easy as breeze, I would find things to be awkwardly silent though my family has big volumes one even we were light chatting.
They were my companions that i am talking about!
This photo worth millions for it is so hard to get this precious  photographed still.

I am sorry that if i might had started this entry like i am complaining about my family. Noisy as we could be, there's nothing that i find more joyful than spending time taking vacation with them. 

One thing that you should not missed out when visiting Kuching is going to the  Sarawak Culture Village which situated near the Santubong mountain. If you are not able to visit whole Sarawak then this place is the mini Sarawak. You could see almost all ethnics cultures here, including where and how they lived. The natives here even invited you to take part into their activities held there.

I suggest that you wear flats when visiting this village. Those bamboo bridge could be slippery. Uhh, this is a bridge that you would have to cross before getting into a Bidayuh longhouse.

I think this photo is great if everyone in it smiling. Hahaha, let me do some explanation here, Steven was at the end of the bridge, trying to get photo of us crossing the bridge, while my son is getting really impatient being held by me, he desperately wanted to walk the bridge on his own. A protective mom like me wouldn't let that happened so, i managed prettiest smile. His hands are too short to get a grip and small feet to stand on those three times bamboo than his feet size! I know you get it. I just have to say it loud to explain this rather skeptic photo. I wasn't pinching him at his back.

I would be grateful if you recognise this man. Yes, i am married to him. Yes, i know what you're saying. He looked tad different. You're wondering what is that , is he getting slimmer, did he do something to his hair? No! Probably some parts of it were true. But, i 'd tell you. He is darker now. That's a sun burned skin , not healthy-ly tanned. You probably thought that it was just bad lighting but, nope. Steven might pout if he read this. But, he will just love me more for he is always part of my entry.
This is a Bidayuh girl dancing , sorry i forgot what is it the name of the dance since i was so busy keeping off my son from getting into the center stage outshining this beautiful girl's performance.

I found this just before going into the Iban longhouse. I am sure there were people who missed out on this four dolls outside the house for they were so tiny on the ground while the path made from woods to go into the longhouse was raised from the ground. Anyone knows what these dolls represent on? Are they the guardians of the house or what? Anyone who has the real answer please kindly share the knowledge in my comment box. Would appreciate it.

The Iban longhouse. The were smoke coming out from the house because there were few women cooking traditional food inside the house. They even sell souvenirs though i was quite sure they selling it more expensive than outside.

This little guy used to be swung to sleep from the second month right until he was six months old. Now, he found joy in this not-bundling-swing like we had one at home when he was small.

Magnificent Orang Ulu's longhouse. Those  pillars were hand-crafted! I was in awe for few seconds seeing it. But, we did not climb it for it was too tall and we are running out of times to get to the theater for cultural shows.

This little guy testing out his talent in dancing the some what dance we called Magunatip in Sabah. I forgot the name of the dance in Sarawak. It is  the Melanau signature dance here.

Right behind Steven, is the Melanau's long house. It is built enormously in three storeys. Can you imagine how many families can fit in the house?

My son is just a year and 9 months old but, he has a thing with girls following him around. This Melanau girl trying to mingle with him but, due to age different , Chris found that moving the wood is more interesting (at least) at that time.

At first i thought that i have seen it all after the Orang Ulu house. But, this longhouse is just sooooo tall. It is Melanau's. This house is a fairly three storeys house and i think the whole can fit until four storeys. Words have it that people of Melanau used to build their house this way a long time ago to withhold and withstand the pirates or enemies from attacking their houses. But, they have four stairs to get onto the house. That's too many and could speed up the attacks! Just saying.

Ngajat lesung by Iban tribe.

That is how tough an Iban men can be. They can lift up 'lesung' (very heavy) by only using their teeth and even dance with it.

Another beautiful dance from Bidayuh. This is the Rajang Be'uh dance which usually danced after the harvest season as a form of entertainment to the residence. Their moves much influenced by the birds and other animals in their dancing. However, dad could not stop wonder why the men wearing skirt had overly big hips.

Those men jumping over moving woods looked like mice stepping onto hot water, the dance was also famous for this move known as Magunatip in Sabah by Melanau tribe is called the Menyak dance. Just found the terms in the passport. There were brief explanations to each of the ethnics lifestyle and dance in it you can refer during your tour by the way. Man, i read it only after i am home. My bad.

A warrior with his sword and a 'supuk'. This Kanjet Ngeleput dance potrays a warrior wandering in the woods to get food or prey.

The Culture Village 's background is the Santubong mountain.
There were hundreds of ethnics living in this states but, they only displayed the main ethnics  which is the Bidayuh, Iban, Ulu , Melanau, Penan, Malay and Chinese. There would be culture shows at scheduled times and going to this place worth every penny you spend to get the passport to get in here. Yes, you heard me right. A passport would be issued to you once you pay the entrance which is MYR60 for adults and kids up from 6 are charged MYR30. Quite expensive but, someone gotta be paid to get this whole place running and well maintained , right. For every ethnics houses you go, you would get a stamp on the passports. It is not obliged rather optional but, i think that is part of the money you're paying for at the entrance.

This culture village is a mini Sarawak but i think i will come back to another part of Sarawak , think there is so much more that i havent seen here.There is this saying, "if adventure has a home, this is home."


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