Saturday, 10 November 2012

0 Grey Blue Eyes and Orangey Eye Shadow

I have been practicing the theory of color wheel on my make up color selection either to match with my contact lenses or my outfits. Which also bring me to write this entry. I wear on my grey blue contact lenses, which i love so much then wear orangey eye shadow to compliment thecolor of my contact lenses.

If you are clueless with what i am talking about, check out my entry on the color wheel here.

Lotsa photos of my face , in this very entry.

In my opinion i think that i looked younger with this color, and the pink blusher adds on the radiant look.  I also use the pink blusher on my cheek to add radiance effect. I know that most people will pair this color with bronzer or coral shades but, i really think that this look works. He he he, i donno if you are with me in this, it's really up to you what color to wear. Fyi, i did not edit this photo a bit except resizing it to smaller pixels.
Please ignore the pimples on my forehead. It's the bad times for my skin though.

On my face: Za Total Hydration BB Cream UV, Oxy Face Powder In Natural Beige, In2It eyebrow shadow in Striking, In2It Long Wearing Eye Color in Natty, Elianto Baked Eyeshadow in Pink Sherbet, Lancome Color Fever Gloss in Dazzle in Pink, Wet n Wild Coloricon blusher in Pearlescent Pink.
And ...I am learning to camwhore in front of the mirror. I saw people does it flawlessly. If you feel me, my fingers there kinda struggle to hold the camera the right way while snapping picture of my entire self there.

What do you think of this look? How do you usually pair your eye color and eye shadows or your outfit?


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