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2 Passport to Clark: Subic Bay

Mabuhay, Philippine!

Overlooking the crazy busy  street of Clark at night from jeepney. Gah, it is like
sardines can  in here. At least we tried this cheap old mode of transportation
in Philippine after we went to the mall to check in to
Marlim Mansion Hotel. Hey, does anyone reading this post understand what
it says in this picture?

This is my first time traveling to other country. First country i chose is the closest to my home soil, Philippine. Is Philippine exotic, beautiful, or fun-tastic? Aww, i had seen this 'fun-tastic' signboard all the way to Zoobic Safari Zoo at the Subic Bay Naval Base.

Zoobic Safari Zoo on 2nd day. Don't bother to ask what i did on the first day in Clark, Philippine. I arrived on 4.10 p.m..My friends and I only got to visit the shopping malls and shop Chef Tom's pop corns to bring back home. One can never get this in Kota Kinabalu.Then, check in to MArlim Mansion Hotel.. Trust me, nothing to tell about the hotel.So far, so okay.

This safari zoo is located in Subic bay where the duty free shops are in!! Haha, my main reason to visit Philippines is to shop til i drop. Well, this post is nothing about shopping. shopping is another story on another post... Well, Subic Bay was 1 hour away from Clark city and was used to be the US Navy forces in 70's, closed down in 1992 to become tourist attraction and now the navy's bunkers become animals houses! This safari zoo is nothing like the Lok Kawi wildlife zoo. This safari highlights more on their tigers which smells like million dolars. Me and my good friend were planning to go photo session with the tiger but, we really can't make it because of the foul odor of the tigers. So, what can i do, was to take picture from afar. Believe it or not, the odor were so foooul til we can't even sip the soup for our lunches which we took in one of the restaurant in the zoo. It smelled like a tiger meat just had been simmered in together!
The Philippino style cuisines. Delicious grilled pork chop and chicken chop.
Except to the soup, smells like tiger.
They had this animal shows that can sound almost like the animal show in Lok Kawi wildlife zoo, but it has nothing in common. The seats were far more comfortable which is cushioned and it feels like sitting in the stadium though i never seated in any. Animals that performs were not only of the wild ones but also pets!Cats, guinea pigs, pigs, dogs, parrots, python, hornbills, and ducks. I never knew that pets could pulled off such cute shows like running around and even forgetting their steps.

At one of the souvenir shop in the zoo. There were more during on our way to the tiger
safari ride.

At the pavilion of the zoo , while waiting for the animal
show to get started

On our ride around the safari. The eyes behind us looked a little bit

Walking over the crocodiles in Croco Loco. I never see so
many crocodiles off tv!

A Siberian tiger
"Sorry, dude. We know you already keep your patience
toward (us) the human race. But your smell so foul today. Nay,
we can't be any nearer to you to take even a photo with you."

I really don't understand why i took this photo of me. It is not
like you are going to be able to study
the map here. It is way too small, or can you?

Visitors also had the chances to go face-to-face with tigers in the safari rides. Visitors will be put into caged 'jeepney' (modified bus and jeep). Tigers will go near the jeepney and tried to get you while you were riding in the jeepney. I was so excited to be surrounded by tigers but there were none of the tigers that came to our way. I guess because there was no one in our jeepney offers chicken meats to the tigers. I saw hands coming out from the other jeepney with meats, i wondered where they get that and that is so daring of them. there were even tigers that ride with the jeepney on its top. i guess the tiger was so used with this game and therefore taking granted to rest on the transportation instead of scaring us or chasing over moving vehicles. 
Inside the caged jeepney that takes us for wet and wild ride to
the tiger safari
Everyone was waiting anxiously for tigers to come on on us but  flatted.

The Subic Bay has many duty free shops in where i shopped for my little one mostly here at Royal Duty Free Mall. Though they used US dollar currency, but the things here was way cheaper than the one sold in KK. After this visit we went back to the hotel to rest for tomorrow's tour to Manila. Sight-seeing plus shoppingggg!!


  1. Tq! you totally should visit this place someday! really worth it


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