Wednesday, 25 April 2012

0 The Power of Best Friend

Meeting an oldest friend today after work. It was so thoroughly sweet, nostalgic and refreshing to be able to finally talk about the past and just about me and her about, the girls and the boys in our class during  high school. And also after that now i'm having crisis with my husband. I found out that he still following her ex girlfriend of 4 years updates through her blogs and facebook account and i doubt that he still in love with that girl. I am so thankful that my best friends visit me today and though I did not tell her about the crisis i'm having now in my marriage, I do feel relieved and refreshed after meeting her. She always able to make me feel better though I did not open up or impart any of my problem to her. It's all about reminiscing the good old times. I have to say that I am lucky in turbulence, I always have my friends on my sides. It's a different story when it comes to family , right?  I guess that's the power a best friend has on us. I always trust her with any secrets since high school and not that I do not trust her in my marriage matter , but for some reason,  I feel embarassed that my husband is in love with someone else. I also cannot stand the look that she will have on him if she heard of this. i am scared that people will judge him. I feel so helpless that I am hurt by him but still I don't want people to have bad impressions on him and give him some kind of look. I never feel so miserable, so helpless that I cannot do anything but to give it a flow on its own pace. Without realising it, suddenly my powerless, helplessness was all gone after talking to her, I feel more spirited and finally was able to write this post about my feelings as i face difficulties on how to write it all in here. Thanks to her for the strength and sense of reliefness I gained. Maybe finally I can really confront my husband about our crisis calmly.
This was taken during at June 2010.
"True friendship is like sound health; the value of it is seldom known until it be lost."  

We had our dinner at one of famous restaurant in Pitas and then we parted after her friends was ready to pick her up before they heading back to Kota Kinabalu. The time seemed to be jealous at us, ticking quickly than ever when you are having a good times.By the way,  I wish she has a safe journey back to KK and hope to meet her again, soon.


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