Wednesday, 11 April 2012

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I was a student of SPM too once. before i graduated secondary school, i make sure here where  should i go after the big important exams. i called SPM as exams of my life that will determine of what i will be as an adults , which i choose a matriculation college that gives me a foot away to university. i have no plan B so i will never consider taking STPM. it's okay actually to sign in for form  six but i just wanna graduate earlier and be someone  who can help my family with whatever i earn after i get a job which i hadnt think about yet before i went for matriculation college.

Enough about myself, a student should be able to draw out where he will go from SPM on. either on matriculations, A level, form six , polytechnic colleges and other community college. depends on what you wanna be after campus life over. an excellent achiever now automatically will be sponsored by the government to pursue their educations to higher level. aren't they just lucky? there's no more terms like 'aww, she has a very excellent results in SPM but her parents just cant afford her pursuing her educations. therefore, the youngsters now should be grateful, and more appreciative with government insentives to sponsor these excellences so that they will get the best educations and finally can contribute to their family, community, and country. we need more quality graduates and these students who graduated from overseas best universities should return to our very homeland to contribute to the locals.

 keep in mind that without a education, you go nowhere. I am saying this because i
see those of schoolmates who keeps on skipping classes, stubborn to the school rules,
answer back to teachers, always end up with worse lives. They are most likely involved
in criminals, unwanted pregnancies, family break downs, poverty, over debtness, the list
going on and on. Parents and students should take advantages of what the government
has to offer, facilities and financial aids by achieved better in examinations. Not that i
insists of the paper-based assessment but for the decade we are living on now, a paper
worth a lots and able to take us even in the deepest seas.

For that, a student should step out outside their comfort zones to work harder, study
harder and never give up. Tons of homework are meant to be completed and should be
assumed as a reinforcement after a lesson in classroom. Not as a burden.

I would like to write longer about tips on overcoming dark moods to complete
homework given by teachers, or heavy eyes when doing revisions but that has to be
written other times. Because my eyes are feeling heavier by each letter i type on. Good
nights,and happy drawing  where's you destination will be SPM on? Will you be
the lucky engineering students to pursue your educations to Korea, German, France? wow, i'll be excited and will open my text book right away as to fight for my rights to get this amazing opportunity!! the sponsors might be for SPM leavers 2011, but who knows, the offers will get better by year.

1, 609 SPM leavers offered with Bursary automatically


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