Wednesday, 11 April 2012

0 The Preface

As for the preface of my blog, which my first and foremost blog, i would like to state of why i start blogging. it comes to my senses that since i have unlimited access to internet to wherever i go, it seems like everything i did and done was all dependable to the net. From googling milestones of baby developments every months , to baby sleeps schedules, my teaching materials until the very itty bitty details of what should i wear to school, to hairstyles that matches my face shape i found that very much of what i read on the net are contributed to the kindest, geniuses of the world. only then i figured that i can contribute as much as i have and know to these people and others who merely just reads and get online to get informations as i did before. doesn't matter as i am happy to share my experiences and my thoughts on matters even that maybe there's no big deal on it.

i am no special person , nor am i famous in anything i do but i am just writing what's on my mind, what i see along my journeys, what i hear, what i know, what is worth shared with all of you. but please ignore my bad English grammar as I am a Maths teacher who takes Chemitry as my major and Biology as minor. Luckily i love Mathematics!

by the way, enjoy reading my blogs! 


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