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0 What to do when your child has diarrhea

These week has been the hardest for me as a new mom. I could say that because my family and i are dealing with my son's diarrhea since the first day after we celebrated his first birthday. 

I had been noted the harms that can cause to the children's health from my readings on the net and parenting magazine. It comes to my deepest concerns when it comes to my son's having diarrhea, i think any parents would do. Breaks my heart seeing my son looked helplessly weak and lied on his back for almost a day and becoming more clingy than usual. Especially when it comes to diarrhea that is not caused by teething. Of course this is not his first time having diarrhea , but it was never like this. Usually when it caused by teething , the disease lasted only a couple days , followed by the loss of appetites. 

But , this time the symptoms are, watery stool, low grade fever, stomach upset, vomiting, dehydrations and loss of appetites. Comes today, he has been fighting this diarrhea thing for a week and there's seem like it was not going to get better any soon. And on day 3 , he looked smaller and feel lighter, less urinating and was very weak for he had been dehydrated. We had brought him to two private clinics and once to the government hospitals but it seems like none of the medicines works for him. 

So, i search online and many got so many results back. Of course , there are many reasons that can caused bad diarrhea in children ...

..but, the truest and mostly matched with my son's symptoms above  told that my son might be having diarrhea caused by rotavirus. This kind of diarrhea has no cures but , to keep him hydrated with salts and sugar solution (the ORS packs). However, good news about this diseases is that , the infected child while fighting this diseases will also increase his own immunity against the virus so, it will be less likely for him to get infected again. 

Of course , keeping the child hydrated, and hygienic could be the hardest and tiring task when your child pooed for 4-10 times a day. And everytime you have to wipe and clean his butt off, he will likely be grumpy and giving tantrums since he will have bad rashes going on on the butt. This rashes are mainly caused by the bacterias from the stool besides the watery state that the stool possessed during these time. If the diapers are not changed regularly right after he poops, the diseases might get worse or make the healing process longer. 

To make your child drinking the salts solutions could be the hardest tasks since i am pretty sure that no babies, nor toddlers would drink it up like they were having a bottle of milk. The key is to gradually make your child get used to the taste. Start with one or tablespoon every 15 minutes, then gradually increase it to two ounces every hour once you see that the child becomes less rejecting when they are given the liquid. It is important for the parents to remember that the child might vomit liquid when they are drinking too much at a time. So, make the child drink from a spoon to avoid vomiting.

Adults who is attending children with this kind of diarrhea must always keep your hands and clothes hygiene after cleaning your child's poops. It was best with if you are equipped with the antibacterial hand gel , one that required no washings. 

Why adults should take this precautions? Rotavirus is common in children under five years old but adults too could get infected when he or she has children infected. This is because, the virus is resting in the poops and the virus can be distributed and infects through oral and respiratory. Though the symptoms might not be as severe as your child has but, it could send you resting on bed for at least couple of days too. Two days after i was back home for the weekend, i was infected which as i typing this now. And this of course not the best time i had in this very weekend. 

As i recalled, since i was back home, my shirts had been poops twice and wiping my son's butt off for more than dozens times with wet tissues and direct flows of water in the sinks so, it does not surprised me at all now that i had similar diarrhea  too. Vomiting, fever, stomach upsets and pooping watery stools. Not fun, but i gotta be strong for my son to weather this trouble. All i ever hoped for now is that i will strong tomorrow to look after my son and pray that he will be healed soon.


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