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0 Second time around, Manila

I am late bloomer for everything. I only had chances to travel after i was married and having a child. I only start blogging when i find that though i am married and have a son, i do still have time to sit on couch in the living room with tv remote control never stop clicking for info on particular channels. There is not much tv shows for too much watching. That is what you have to swallow when you picked up Astro as your tv cabel. Live with it. So, on those boring nights when there is no good tv , and still can do stuff while Steven and i whining about our jobs on each other, i found that i can find times to write a blog. 

So that is why maybe you had been to Manila for the zillion times, and I was there only for the timid second.
Recently,i'd been to Manila again after going back from China. This time around i was there for the ultimate shopping. You and i know that it is a notably shopping paradise. I was in to jump in for the crazy Christmas shopping there. I was not surprise at all when numbers of my friends from university too was there at the same time i was there. 
Behind Sherry and I was wholesale shop for shoes.

In Baclaran. Most of shops here sell for wholesales only.  If you are doing retail, it is best that you have your travel buddy with you all the time so you are buying more and usually will pay for lower prices. It certainly does not looked like any paradise ,ey. You have got to drop all your sophisticatedness to be here for it is hot and humid, traffic jams is common and you can accidentally push a people with huge shopping bag without saying sorry.

You could never know what you planning to shop. Yes, you have whole of shopping list in your smartphones. But, when you've in the 'paradise of shopping' , you find yourself not being able to take it out from your handbag, because it was too crowded especially during Christmas season. Most of the shop offered low price on anything. ANYTHING.

So, i figured that next year i will bring my family to have a shopping spree here and  it's going to be like an annual shopping trip. Duh, wouldn't we 'd be bored someday?  I don't know about that but i will try my best to make it happen at least for next year, as a start. 

By the way, we still find time in the morning to visit the Manila Ocean Park in Manila Bay. It is not larger than  the oceanariums  in Sentosa Singapore but it was still a great place for kids and school children to have educational tours with their teachers. We visited the oceanarium, jellyfish and the sea lion show only as you can choose what do you want to see according to the packages offered at the ticket counter. 

 We were the earliest on that day queueing up for admission ticket. 

 I thought that the most interesting part visiting this ocean park is the jellyfish. They put jellyfish in a tank according to the type and there were lights that would change colors automatically. And give those jellyfish these looks......

They called these as the dancing fairies of the sea.

I am always terrified by jellyfish. Never thought that they can be beautiful too with some colored lights. 

Our final tour was to the  sea lion show which is just at the outdoor foyer. They had two sea lions for actions on that day, i am not sure however how many they put on for the show on other days but , the sea lions seemed following commands  very well from the trainer and very audience-friendly. Indeed, right ? AFfter years of doing it.

Some random facts i found from a souvenir shop. Wah! 

So, trip to Manila could never failed to interest me and makes me want to come back again and again some time soon. The drawback now is that there will longer direct flight to Phillipines from KK. It was just announced by Air Asia early this December. So, one has to take transit from KL which the flight ticket to KL is way expensive if you know what i mean. Why man? Why ? Is it because there are so much tourist from Sabah going to Phillipines instead of KL? So, is this a way to boost more vacation within country? If this is true, this just lame. So lame, okay. 

By the way, i am enjoying whatever i can get now and all the stuff that i had shopped from this vacation. Until then, thank you for stopping by to read this entry. 


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