Thursday, 18 July 2013

0 Walking down the Waterfront Kuching

Waterfront is the most famous walkways in Sarawak. It is along the Sarawak river where you can see almost all historic monuments and building from here. Walking around while enjoying the sunset is  good to shed that extra calories and those guilty pleasures from eating in the town of cat, where food generally are cheaper here.Well, walking could never been this fun without small children. I think that my son was the one who really really excited whenever we are going out. And a happiness of children is undeniably contagious.


He preferred to walk on his own than to be hold.

Obviously, my son has no idea what that black barrel sticking out from a black box does that his mom and dad hold all the time like their second baby. If we tried to do close up shot, he will tried to touch the lens!

That's what I am talking about. My son like to walk on his own where a lot of strangers walking by as well, and he liked to walk ahead of us too. I can't say that I was not worried  even a little by this.

We weren't going for the river cruise, but, Steven insisted that I took his picture with it behind him. Well, he looked good there, and apparently a lot darker than his background.

 Never seen mom and dad so happy together. 29 years of marriage. Salute to mom and dad. Without them, despite all the quarrels back home when I was a teenager and yet now, I am nothing.

And I feel blessed to be married to this loving man. Thank you, Steven for never turn your back on me, never run away from me even when he saw the worst in me.

Obviously, this picture shows that  I was the happiest woman alive until now and hopefully, forever.

My son is really a show stopper kind of guy. Whatever moves he had, he just made everyone around him,  smiled. We could not stop hearing people saying, this boy is so adorable when he walked passed them. When my folks were tired , I can't imagine how energetic a 21 months old kids could be that it seemed like he showed no sign of slowing down.

The traditional 'bot penambang' .
There's a lot you can do actually here rather than walking by. Waterfront is the ultimate sightseeing place you could do in Kuching. You could river cruising here either with a cruise or the 'bot penambang' , the traditional boat to cruise along the river near sunset. There are stalls where people sell the pickles , fruits, and beverages, youths singing along street gigs. There were also boys who sang on their own with their guitar....well they sing nicely. Enough to get my son noticing them and get him dancing.

 Well, my son stole the crowds with his dance moves. Hahaha...I cannot forget the moment, I think that it is one of the best moment in my life. I don't know why, I almost broke into tears because I was so amazed by his vivaciousness , proud at the same time. By the way, I can't recall if I was picking my nose in the public or if I was going to cup my mouth in awe. Or maybe it was just my lips felt itchy. Disturbed by this shot. This is the most natural shot we had all together, while Steven took the picture, but I looked like I was picking my nose?!


Show simple courtesy by giving out small change into a container after entertaining himself. Mom had to get him outta there soon after he dropped the money to avoid him  from picking up the whole container afterwards.

An innocent post by Christian before we leaved the Waterfront for dinner. Don't we looked all content? And ohhh..!

He ran on his own again afterwards! We were all outta breath when reaching the Life's Cafe for dinner after walking down the Waterfront. Thanks to this little rascal, we chasing up him for another half a mile ,as I recalled.



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