Thursday, 21 February 2013

0 Make over for ID and passport photo

Do you wear your face with special makeup if you are going to shoot for ID or passport photo? Or do you let your face be just a plain Jane for it? Because you're too scared that you looked fake in those photos? But, if you put too much, i am afraid that you are not going to pass any customs with a drag queen looks. In case you are too lazy to touch up when you going up on airplane.

 Well, do you laugh silently when looking at your driving license's , passport's or ID 's photos? I don't know about you but, i think my look on these documents often looked less good than the pictures i uploaded for Facebook or my any social networks. Maybe i can blame it on the angle and the plain-ess of my face.

We could not choose our best angle when shooting passport photo. If only! Ha ha ha...i really don't think that it is going to happen ever. If you cannot choose your best angle, well please do yourself a favour to at least touch up to highlight certain features on your face. Because! You gotta looked at least you did wash your face after waking up before getting shoot for this. Often, we looked too tired, too pale, or worst , you can't really recognize the person in that picture.

Here's what you can do. First, you gotta aim to look fresh and lively. You do not want to put too much on your face unless you want to look like a drag queen. Passport photo tends to capture every tiny dots details on your face moreover, you have to face STRAIGHT to the camera.

Wear foundations. Cover those flaws with concealer especially the undereye. Remember to blend them well because you don't want your skin to look cakey. Powder up to set up the canvas. 

Then, shape your brow. I prefer using the cake brow liner rather than the pencil. It looks more natural and sometimes i can skip the need to brush my eyebrow after filling it. 

Now the most important part is contouring. Contouring could makes your cheekbones looked higher, and gives you the healthy radiant look. I am using bronzer from Body Shop.
It comes in tiny balls...they are very fragile though but, they has a sponge to hold it from breaking inside the pot.
Use a bronzer rather than pink /peachy blusher on your cheek. Using a slant brush , smile and brush it on the apple of the cheek.  Brush the bronzer to your jaws too.This will give the illusion of a slimmer face.

Then, by using bronzer, or one shade darker concealer than your skin, or soft brown eyeshadow contour your nose. Different nose shape needs different contouring on the nose parts. By contouring the nose, it will give nice balance of your whole face, nose and your lips. Do not forget to highlight the bridge of your nose after shading the sides of the nose.

When applying your foundation earlier, let it also touches the lips a bit. Apply pink lipstick to the inner of the lips, then apply pink/mauve/peachy or nude lip gloss to the entire lips. Your lips will looked like you are just being kissed.Heee...or at least looked naturally healthy pinkish or looked pale like you have just have a bad encounter with a vampire who sucked up all your blood.

For your eyes,apply neutral colours.Use brown and highlight your browbones.Finally,never leave the house without mascara.Do not forget to apply for lower eyelashes to give the illusion of brighter and more opened eyes. Brush the upper lashes first and without dipping into The tube again,brush the lower lashes.This is to avoid the mascara from getting on your skin.

It is best not to wear any colored contact lenses and if you are wearing glasses on regular basis , yes you may wear it for shooting ID and passport photo.

Hair is the crown for everyone. I think it is practically safe that your hair get the evergreen make over. I mean styles that never aged. Avoid tying it up, or braided it. It is best that you let loose your hair and when it is time to shoot, put away your hair from the face by pinning it behind your ear. Remember to bring your mini hair comb with you so that you can tidy up any flyways.

Before you going to face the camera, blot away shines and powder up. Look to the camera and smile!


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